A Minecraft PVP (Player versus player) is a combat theme in Minecraft, where players compete with each other, as a group or solo. Being a combat mode, in Minecraft, PVP players kill other players to get pro in Minecraft. In the PVP mode, there are various other areas, terrains, servers, wars, etc, to choose from. Players play this PVP to increase their levels and ranks and get to the top.

The PVP mode in Minecraft is not as simple as it seems, it is deadly and highly competitive. Players kill each other in the game to survive and get to the top. Hence, you need to be focused and tactical while playing the game. We have shortlisted some tactics, that can be applied in the game to help you get pro in the Minecraft PVP.

1. Get Better Enhancements To Get Pro In Minecraft PVP

Enchantments are the assets that are applied to the equipment or weapons to boost them. Having perfect enchantments and using them at the correct time may help you win a match in the Minecraft PVP. Hence, a good knowledge of enchantments is required. Some of the best enchantments that you can use are as follows.

  • The protection enchantment protects you from any damage by absorbing the damage. It can be applied to any weapon or Armor. Other best protection enchantments are fire protection, blast protection, and projectile protection.
  • Good enchantments for swords include fire aspect, sharpness, and knockback. These enchantments increase a flat amount of damage by the sword.
  • The enchantments for bows are Flame, power, infinity, punch, and piercing. Out of this, the Flame and power increase the damage by a percentage amount. The infinity enchantment fires unlimited arrows from the bow.

The piercing enchantment is for the use of crossbows. It can pierce through armors, shields, and opponents.

2. Use a Fishing Rod

The fishing rod is a funny tool to carry in Minecraft. Its function is the same in Minecraft PVP as it has in real life. Using a fishing rod, we can pull an enemy closer. It doesn’t cause any damage. But it has the power of breaking an Armor if performed repeatedly.

It is used to pull a player close and then knock it down using a sword. Fishing rods, however, are to be used cautiously, as it may also cost your durability. It is well effective in the Java version of Minecraft.

Using it in 1.9+ has an extra feature of pulling the enemies upwards from higher grounds. You may then leave the enemy after pulling it up to give it fall damage.

3. Practice Quick Hotbar

In combat matches, time is very precious. A mere loss of time searching for potions or weapons in your bag may cost you your life. Hence, switching between inventory, armors, healings during the war is a bad idea. For this reason, Hotbar is up to your rescue.

Hotbar is just like an emergency bag in wartime. You can keep all the combat essentials like weapons, potions, etc. and you are good to go. No need to carry bags and waste time searching for your crucial weapons.

Just open the Hotbar using a single click and attack. You can practice opening this Hotbar quickly in survival mode by using the Numpad.

4. PVP Practice

The saying ‘practice makes a man perfect’ fits true when it’s time to brush your skills. To become perfect and the best in something, it needs rigorous practice. Make sure to learn from the mistakes and learn from your enemies who defeat you.

The best platform to practice PVP is the PVP server itself. Nothing is better than practicing in the battleground itself. The PVP servers provide you with a survival kit in the beginning after entering the server. Fight using this kit and practice extensively, learn new tactics and experiment with them here.

5. Improve Aiming

Aiming is the most important part of Minecraft PVP Mode. A single shot aim may save a lot of your time and weapons from getting wasted for a single enemy. Hence, aiming and attacking at a perfect time is crucial for winning. For good aiming, practice drag clicking. Drag clicking not only increases your clicks per second but also keeps your mouse steady.

Thus, a good speed comes in combination with accurate aiming when you drag a click. Hold on to the mouse by gripping it firmly between your thumb and fingers to keep it steady. This steadiness provides you with an accurate aiming strategy. Once you get good at aiming, you will never miss any attack.  

6. Improve Clicking Speed

The clicking speed, determined by CPS, can be increased by practicing drag clicking. Without drag clicking, you can merely surpass a CPS speed of 10. But by drag clicking, the speed is increased 3-4 times. Drag clicking is the technique of clicking more than 30 CPS by gliding the pressed finger over the mouse switch.

There are specific gaming mice for drag clicking available in the market. There are tapes and textures available in the market to be geared on the mouse. These tapes are to be applied to the mouse switch for drag clicking.

Some of the servers may ban this technique, but you can use it on other servers until restricted. Improving your clicking speed will help you bridge and play faster.   

Find here the list of the best mouse for Minecraft PVP gaming to improve your clicking speed.

7. Master Strafing

Strafing is a technique of moving in a circular motion while jumping at the same time while attacking an enemy. This is done by tapping the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys simultaneously. The advantage of strafing is that you get prevented from getting hit by your enemy while you attack them. When you don’t strafe, you may fall prey to your enemy’s attack. Hence, practice strafing and increase your survival time.

8. Selection of Weapons

You need to be wise and opportunistic while choosing weapons. There are different damage levels assigned for different weapons. You need to attack using the strongest weapon available to you to cause maximum damage to your enemy.

Similarly, use the weapon by ensuring the distance between your enemy and yourself. If the enemy is near you, you can use the sword. But if the enemy is distant, using the sword would be not useful. In that case, attack using a bow. You can also use snowballs and eggs to break their armors down.

9. Sprinting

Sprinting is nothing but running in Minecraft PVP. Sprinting is necessary to chase your enemy or to run from them. In both cases, sprinting is a life and death factor for you. You save yourself from getting attacked if you don’t stop sprinting. To sprint non-stop or continuously, press the control button or use the scroll wheel. Use either button, but keep sprinting to survive.

10. Critical Hitting

The hit which you give to your enemy while jumping downwards is the critical hit. The name critical hit is because it gives double the damage produced as compared to a normal hit. The fact behind this is that you gain velocity while you jump downwards.

The velocity in combination with the hitting force produces more impact and damages more to the enemy. In Minecraft PVP, the hit can be used with any weapon, sword, or even a punch.

To perform critical hitting, all you have to do is jump when the enemy is approaching or standing near you. And hit it when you jump downwards after the completion of upward motion. The critical hit fails when it is performed while jumping upwards.

Hence, care should be taken while hitting and jumping simultaneously.

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Final Thoughts

For being a pro in the Minecraft PVP, you need to have the best assets and skills. Be it in the form of gaming gadgets or mastered skills, both are equally important for getting to the top.

Buy a gaming mouse for increased clicking speed and the best quality durable keyboard for gaming. Along with it, practice to survive more in the game by playing tactics. Here are some additional and conclusion tips for you to consider while playing.

  • Carry your best equipment possible. Look for more, but cautiously, as other players might be spying on you after a kill.
  • Use a map and know your environment. Embrace the environment, use it as your shield.
  • Carry the best Armor, possibly the netherite or diamond one. It will save you from a lot of damage. Also, always carry the sword in hand with you.


How does Minecraft PVP work?

A PVP is a combat playing mode in Minecraft. Here, players play in a single mode or dual or in a group to kill other players and survive to be at the top. Servers provide a platform to play PVP. There are different types of PVP in Minecraft. They are friendly PVP, organized PVP, unorganized PVP, PVP kits, etc.

In an organized PVP, there are agreed fights among players. While, in unorganized PVP, there are no agreed fights but surprise attacks from anywhere. There are terrains and war zones to choose from in PVP. In the beginning, you are given 20 HP or 10 hearts.

You lose the game after you have lost all the 10 hearts. Each weapon causes a specified amount of heart damage. Hence, the key to winning the game is to kill other players using weapons and enchantments and survive till the last.

How to practice Minecraft PVP?

Get into the server meant specifically for practicing PVP. There are many servers meant for this like PVP land, lunar network, etc. the best one that we recommend is the Kit PVP. On this server, you get a PVP kit as soon as you enter the game.

Learn new tactics from the enemies, practice your skills, brush them up or learn to attack. Another way of practicing PVP is playing on the battlegrounds regularly with friends and competing with them.

What is the best PVP server for Minecraft?

Today, there are enough PVP servers available to confuse you on which one to choose from. Here are some of the best PVP servers ranked by players all over.

  1. Purpleprison
  2. PVPland
  3. Hypixel IP




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