Sony has been constantly involved in contributing to the growth of the gaming community. The company has recently announced its loyalty program labeled PlayStation Stars.

The program will be available to all the players at the time of its release. This is supposed to be later in the year. 

According to the official information released by the company, the members could earn certain rewards and perks if they complete the mentioned activities and campaigns. 

Furthermore, the program also offers a monthly check-in campaign that requires you to log in to your favorite game to claim rewards. 

In today’s article, we will discuss this exciting program announced by Sony, which has created a sense of excitement among the gaming community. 

So, without waiting for the grass to grow, let us dive straight into the article. 

PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program: All You Need To Know

As we stated earlier, the PlayStation Stars program will award the players with rewards on completion of campaigns as provided by them. Some campaigns may require you to complete tournaments or events related to a specific game. 

You may need to earn trophies about the games or perform well in games you play to reward yourself with several perks as stated in the program. 

The points which you will collect will be redeemed with the help of a catalog. The catalog includes a PSN wallet or any other product available to purchase from the PlayStation store, popularly known as the PS Store.

The members of the PS Plus family would automatically get their points credited once they make any purchase from the PS Store. Additionally, the digital representations in the forms of characters or other collectibles rare in nature will be available besides the rewards. 

The program is under testing as of now. Sony has been conducting trials before the launch this year.

What Are PlayStation Stars And Release Date

PlayStation Stars is a new and upcoming loyalty program introduced by Sony to reward the players with several perks, which will improve the overall experience of gaming enthusiasts. 

The program is similar to the Xbox game pass quest system, which rewards you with points for playing games. 

The program will be free. However, no release date is yet revealed by Sony. However, we believe the program will be launched in the latter part of the year.

The primary aim of introducing the PlayStation Stars program is to reward the sustaining users and to reward them for their loyalty. This is simple to understand. You just need to play a game and they will reward you with perks. 

To unlock some high-tier rewards, you may need to complete some objectives depending on the type of game. This includes winning the tournaments related to the game, acquiring trophies for specific achievements, etc. 

The players will also have the chance to get their hands on digital collectibles related to their favorite games. This includes figures of characters that are popular in the gaming world or other form of collectible that is rare in nature. 

These are a must to have an engaging relationship with your game. If you are into hardcore gaming and like to collect stuff related to gaming, you will love to enroll in this program. 

If we are to make a guess, we would say that the games would be mostly which are Sony exclusive titles like God of War, The Last of Us, etc. This is also seen as an attempt to challenge the Xbox Game pass quest system which awards the players with several rewards to play the game. 

How To Earn Rewards and Loyalty Points in PlayStation Stars

As we discussed earlier, the procedure for earning rewards and loyalty programs varies from game to game. However, to complete the monthly check-in campaign, you just need to play the game to unlock rewards related to it. 

Furthermore, some rewards may require you to complete some objectives which are related to the game. Once you complete these objectives, you will be eligible to receive the perks and loyalty points.

These points can be redeemed via the PSN wallet, or you can also use these points to purchase other games or addons from the PS Store in the blink of an eye. 

Players who are already PS Plus members will be awarded additional benefits. Every member who is a part of the loyalty program will be qualified to utilize their points to purchase products from the PlayStation Store. 

What is Gfinity Plus?

Gfinity Plus is also a type of reward and loyalty program that is offered to Gfinity’s online community associated with them.

This helps them to create a more engaging bond with their clients and also helps the customers to reward themselves with certain perks for being loyal to them. 

Gfinity in its earlier days was primarily focused on hosting gaming tournaments related to competitive games. Now through the help of their Gfinity reward and loyalty program, they have been providing exclusive content to their loyal customers. 

The program is similar to what the gaming giant Sony has announced recently. However, we believe that the scale of potential gamers enrolling for the reward program Sony will be launching will be more compared to the Gfinity plus members. 

So if you are interested in enrolling for the exclusive content that will be listed in both the programs, you can go for them to enhance your gaming experience. 

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This was everything you should know about the loyalty and reward program that Sony will launch.

This program would bind you with the engagement established with each game preferred by the individual. The company did not yet release the list of games on which they will reward the points.

In conclusion, we would say that the loyalty program is available for free, and getting enrolled would not lighten your wallets. Therefore, we will recommend enrolling in the program to enjoy the perks and rewards you will receive by playing games of your choice. 




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