Marvel Studio is a television company that presents a wide range of movies, games, entertainment, comics, etc. In general, there is a vast range of games in trend recently it seems like a new video game associated with the Marvel character Blade could be in process at a video game publisher Ubisoft.

From the sources, it released that a game based on Blade, the half-human half-vampire character made immortal by Wesley Snipes’s iconic performance in the 1998 film of the same name.

In the market, there are many bomb-blasting and excellent Marvel video games though many video games are currently in work like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Marvel’s Wolverine, and many more. Also, some talked about projects tied to Black Panther and Iron Man. Likewise, many popular characters will collaborate with Ubisoft in future upcoming projects.

With the vast increase in the number of marvel games developers and publishers, every week there is one rumor or new hype about the new game, that’s cool to think about and funny to see but those hypes and news don’t stay for that long it seems sure they’ll reveal a trailer at a game show award.

Blade: The Marvel Movie

The Blade is a fictional character firstly from the Marvel Blade Comic, soon the new Marvel Movie is gonna released by November 2023. A reboot of the Blade Franchise, it is approx thirty- fourth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the seventh installment of Phase Five.

Some Marvel studios movies also were made with the character back then in August 1998- Blade, March 2002- Blade II, December 2004- Blade: Trinity, and Blade 2023 film an upcoming reboot of the Blade franchise, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All the Pieces Fit Together to Create a Blade Game and Blade Cast

Actor Alex Martin posted some images on Instagram wearing a motion capture suit along with a Ubisoft logo on it through sources, We can say it’s further confirm that the game is a Marvel project as the actor was holding a clapperboard titled Marvel on it.

Bassam Tariq is the director for the game as well as for the upcoming Blade movie. While both the actors indeed posted images in motion capture suits.
Moreover, they have confirmed nothing except that they are working majorly on a video game tremendously also we are sure that it is Marvel and Ubisoft behind it. Yet we consider them all under rumors, awaiting an original side of it.

Looking into the current works of Ubisoft, they are working on Disney Games in the form of Avatar and Star Wars. But right now from the tweets, posts, and articles the original story says that Marvel-Blade Movie will be out by November 2023 while Blade Game is like a challenge that is a few years away from this point.

More From the Leak

Famous YouTuber JorRaptor also gave a statement about a Marvel ensemble game that Disney has declared to be at the showcase could be a Fantastic Four Game. It has been up that even other rumored Marvel games like Iron Man and Black Panther have also been tied up for the future big announcement.

  • Also, some confirmed Games for the Disney showcase include:
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns.
  • Sneak peek at the Upcoming Marvel Ensemble Game by Sky dance New media.
  • Disney Dream Light Valley.
  • Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga.

It’s pretty crazy about the amount of Disney Games that are in development right now across many studios including Star Wars titles marvel & even Indiana Jones well, we will get updates on many of these titles on September 9th during a special Disney showcase d23.

Iron Man and Blank Panther are just in development it may take some more time but the Star Wars eclipse from Quantic dream seems many years away even though we already knew about its pretty cool-looking cinematic trailer.

In 2023 Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be Amazing and Fabulous with all the movies and video games. The New Marvel Movie-Blade is gonna be Wild for sure people can barely wait until November 2023. Will soon get to know about the more rumors related to it and what’s more cooking in Marvel Studios.




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