Lead is one of the most popular items in Minecraft owing to the dynamic range of uses. It is a leash used to tame any mobile creatures like cats, sheep, dogs, horses, etc. You can also tie them up to a fence or an outpost to prevent them from escaping. 

However, crafting Lead in Minecraft can be tricky for beginners. Therefore, we have brought an article that provides all the information you need to craft Lead in Minecraft. 

So, without waiting any further, let us dive straight into the article.

Crafting Lead in Minecraft

You will need to accumulate some other materials to craft Lead in Minecraft. These include slings, slimeballs, and crafting tables that will help you mold Lead. Now, let us discuss each material involved in crafting Lead. 

Collect string

Strings can be gained in Minecraft by killing cave spiders or spiders. We usually find spiders at nighttime when the light level is below 7. Players can also get strings by looting chests in dungeons or desert temples or from cats as a gift. 

Breaking cobwebs would also allow you to collect string, which is later used to craft Lead in Minecraft. You should also collect sufficient string blocks to avoid any last-minute tussles. 

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Collect Slimeballs

The next ingredient for crafting Lead in Minecraft is Slimeballs. They are acquired from killing slimes. Players can find slimeballs in areas of swamps where the Y-Level is around 50-70 during nighttime.

It is also crucial to state that slimes can only be found during full moons. They are never seen during new moons. So don’t begin your quest for slimeballs until a full moon appears in the game. However, you could still find slimeballs in chunks below Y-Level 40. 

Make a Crafting table

Once we get the slime and strings for crafting Lead, it is time to make a crafting table. A crafting table requires 4 planks of wood that can be obtained by placing a wood log in the survival inventory crafting space in the game.

Players need to fill the crafting slots with wooden planks to build a crafting table for further process. 

Make a lead

how to make lead in Minecraft

Once you gain all the resources needed, it is time to craft lead to tame the animals. Start off by opening the crafting table. You need to insert the first two strings on the first block of the top row.

Now, add the second string just below the first block, followed by slimeball in the second row beside the string block. Add the 3rd string to the third block on the third row. 

Once you add all these elements, you will receive an output of two leads that you can use for various purposes. 

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How to Get Leads From Traders?

If you do not wish to craft leads in Minecraft, you can also get them from traders in the game. They also regarded this as the speedy method, as it allows the players to get the Lead in the initial phase of the game. 

Wandering traders and the Llamas they carry can provide you with up to two leads per trader. You need to kill the wandering traders when you encounter them to collect Leads.

Traders spawn regularly in the game and, therefore, you will have no problems locating them in the game. 

How to Find Leads as Chest Loot?

As we discussed earlier, lead in Minecraft can also be found in chest loots. Chest loots are commonly found in the desert temple region. They usually spawn random items for players. There are chances you might receive Lead as chest loot.

To gain chest loot, players would have to find their way to locations where chests are to be found. Finding treasure maps in the game would help you find chest loots more quickly.

Players have to navigate themselves according to the map, and they will be good to go. 

Why do you need a lead?

Lead in Minecraft is an extremely useful element and is used for a wide range of activities. It can be used to remove the mob from the boat without damaging or breaking the boat. However, the chief use of “Lead” is to tame the mobile animals. 

These include sheep, dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, frogs, foxes, donkeys, and many others.

Players can also use Lead to tie their animals and prevent them from wandering around. You will need to search for a fence or an outpost to tie them and restrict their movements. 

Lead is also one of the key ingredients in crafting balloons. Therefore, it is simple to understand that Lead in Minecraft offers a variety of purposes, and thus; it is a crucial element in the game. 

Things to know about lead

Following are some traits that highlight the importance of Leading in the game. 

  • Stretching lead beyond a distance of 10 blocks can cause it to break. 
  • In the bedrock edition of Minecraft, players can attach lead to the boat. 
  • There is a possibility of breaking lead in case of transporting mobs through a nether portal.
  • Lead can be exploited to draw out a mob from the boat.
  • Wolves are the common mobs that cannot be leashed if they attack you.
  • It is possible to leash most of the mobs in the game using lead.

Read What Gamers Say!

We believe that you may have now realized the importance of Lead in Minecraft. If you wish to keep a check on your animals when you wander off to faraway regions, lead proves to be extremely vital. It cannot be used to tame villagers in the game but can navigate the boat which carries villagers.

Once you gain a lead in Minecraft, you just need to equip it to leash animals of your choice.

The ingredients required to craft lead can be easily found in the game.

However, if you wish to get a lead in the early phase of the game, we suggest you locate the wandering traders and deal with them to gain two lead blocks per trader.

In any case, you will gain leads easily that will help you enhance your gameplay experience by catering to your needs.




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