BitLife is a game in which everyone can find a different career path!

Whether you wish to become a lawyer or an actor, there is something for everyone in BitLife. Some people choose the right way and do standard jobs in the game, while some opt for a mischievous path.

We think you know what we might be talking about. Yes, we are talking about doing something illegal, such as robbing a train, becoming a drug dealer, becoming an artist, or joining the BitLife mafia!

If you are a goody, we don’t suggest this article to you. Because today we will talk about how to join the mafia BitLife. Because even for joining the mafia gang, you must know about organized crime. From knowing how the mafia works in BitLife to the afterlife of a mafia member, here you will get every bit of information. So, without delay, let us get started!

What is the BitLife Mafia?

Mafia in BitLife works similarly to the real world. In mafia gangs, a group of criminals joins together and earn money illegally through drug dealing or robbing people/organizations.

Every member of the mafia gang is an expert in a particular criminal activity. They can be a robber, drug dealer, hitman, or many more. The Mafia is always on the radar of police and stays very cautious about living their life and pursuing criminal activities.

Guide to Join BitLife Mafia

To join the mafia, you need to become a criminal first. These crimes could comprise small thefts to murders. Furthermore, you also need to focus on a few more things, which you may find in the section below:

Guide to Join BitLife Mafia
5 Tips BitLife Mafia Tips

1. Commit 5 Crimes

To join the mob in BitLife, you must be at least 18 years old because then you can choose between right and wrong. But you may start committing a crime when you turn 8. To become a Bitlife Mafia, your profile should hold at a criminal activity until you reach 18. Once you turn 18, do more crime, at least 5.

As a kid, we recommend you get involved in small-time crimes like pickpocketing. Other than this, we suggest other minor crimes such as Porch Pirating, Shop Lifting, and Miscellaneous Mischief. If you continue to live a mob life, you get an option to Steal Cars when you turn 18.

2. Don’t Get Caught

Another thing you need to ensure is not to get caught with these illegal activities! If you are not a good criminal, this won’t be acceptable to the BitLife mafia. So, even as a kid, ensure you do not get caught by a policeman or shop vendors.

3. Apply for Mafia

Once your character turns 18, you can commit serious crimes like bank robberies, and Grand Theft Auto. You become eligible to join the Bitlife Mafia gang when you have at least 5 severe crimes.

To join the mafia gang, go to ‘Occupations,’ choose ‘Special Careers,’ select ‘Organized Crime’, and choose a faction according to your preference. In total, there are six types of mafia gangs you can join:

  • Irish Mob
  • Yakuza
  • Triad
  • Latin Mafia
  • Mafia
  • Russian Mafia

Now, if the mafia gang thinks your criminal background is insufficient, they may reflect on you. Once rejected, continue committing crimes until you become eligible to join the mafia.

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After you join the mafia

After you join a Bitlife Mafia gang, it does not mean the hard work is done there. Even after joining the mafia, you need to keep in mind a few points to sustain the mafia life. Some of the crucial aspects are mentioned below:

1. Work for family

Once you become a member of a mafia faction, you need to start working for your family. Working for a family means committing more crimes, which will also benefit you to move up the ladder and become a confidant of your mafia family.

You may choose different options to commit crimes from the Occupation Menu or go with Extortion, which means harassing family businesses to earn more money. Also, give your family all the money you earn from outlawed activities to gain their trust and confidence. You indirectly make an impression in your mafia faction by committing wrongful ventures and giving them all money.

2. Gaining Notoriety

Gaining notoriety means making an impression on your family. And this is only possible when you start thinking out of the box and opt for more severe criminal activities. People will be more frightened of you as your reputation grows.

You will be required to contribute the money when you score. However, if any family refuses to give you the money you can whack and murder them. It will help you to gai notoriety faster.

Even though it is the best option to give all your money to the family, you may keep a few amounts with you in case of emergencies.

3. Raise your standing

To raise your standing, you need to gain the trust of your BitLife mafia family, and this will only happen when they think you are the most trustable mafia member of the gang. When you give the money to your family, this increases your standing.

Another thing you can also try doing is becoming a RAT (Informant.) To become an informant, visit the Jobs tab and select an option to become a Confidential Informant. However, keep committing more crimes to earn their trust and keep working as an informant and provide all secret information to your family to raise your standing with each passing day.

Work hard until you become a Godfather. Once you become a godfather, the authority falls entirely in your hands. You are the one that gets to take major decisions of the faction and the things pursued according to your will.

Also, when you become a godfather, you can hunt other rats to protect your family from lurking enemies. However, keep in mind that if you kill your own family member accidentally instead of rats, your gang will kill you.

How to leave a mafia gang?

When you realize that you have reached a point where you are no longer interested in pursuing your life as a criminal, you can leave the mafia gang. But to do that, you must first build a foundation by collecting evidence against your mafia gang. This takes almost 5 years, and a few risks are associated with leaving the mafia gang.

When leaving, if caught by someone off guard, kill the member then and there. You can also come up with a lie and try to manipulate the same mafia member. However, if the member realizes you are lying, that may result in a tragic death. So, always be attentive and calculate your steps.

Gamer’s Helpful Review

It takes a significant amount of time between deciding to join the BitLife mafia gang and deciding to leave. But it would help if you started acting like a criminal once you turned 8 and kept getting better until you became an adult.

However, even though becoming a mafia means a lot of money and notoriety, those things come at a cost. You always need to keep an eye on your enemies and ensure not to get caught. Once you get caught, your mafia image shatters.

We provided all the details to join the mafia BitLife. Go and start committing all the severe crimes in the BitLife world that you are prohibited from doing in real life!




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