We often see that the players love to switch to some other games having similar mechanisms. The same is the case with players jumping from CS GO to Valorant sens and vice versa. Both games have a lot in common. Players have little difficulty adapting to the game. 

However, the sensitivity settings are different in both games, which proves to be an issue when switching to Valorant or CS: Go. CS: Go to valorant sens players have problems dealing with agents’ abilities that are not present in CS: Go. 

Valorant players face issues with aim placement and gameplays. Apart from sensitivity settings, the two share almost identical gameplay with the need for crosshair placement, along with recoil control. 

Different sensitivity settings would allow you to be more responsive in your gameplays, allowing you a more immersive experience. 

In this article, we will provide you with information regarding covering your sensitivity settings while switching between both these games. 

Furthermore, we have also provided a list of some of the best mouse sensitivity converters you can use to ensure a smooth transition between the games. 

So, wasting no further time, let us dive straight into the article. 

Convert Sensitivity From CS: GO To Valorant

CS GO to Valorant

There are many ways in which you can covert your sensitivity settings from CS Go to Valorant sens. If you are into professional gaming and like to use customized settings which work the best for you, try changing the settings manually. 

If you are a casual gamer and do not want to waste much time in finding the right settings for you, use third-party mouse sensitivity convertors, which will help you find the optimum settings for you.

Doing It Manually

Valorant sensitivity is similar to CS Go to valorant sens when divided by 3.18. This is a traditional approach adopted to convert the sensitivity settings. If you use these settings, you will hardly feel any difference between the movements within both games. 

To convert CS Go sensitivity settings to valorant, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Start by checking your CS: Go sensitivity settings using the in-game settings. Note down the sensitivity settings from the mouse sensitivity box.
  • Divide the number you noted by 3.18. This is the approximate figure which will lead you to similar settings which you use in CS Go to valorant sens. 
  • For instance, for a sensitivity of 4.5, it would be 4.5/3.18 = 1.41

This would give you the exact settings in Valorant that you use for CS GO to valorant sens. The difference in mouse movements would be barely noticeable. 

It is also vital to state that Valorant is not as fast-paced as CS Go to valorant sens and hence, the movements can be actually slower. To counter this, some players opt for higher sensitivity settings in Valorant to deal with this issue. 

If you are a gamer who plays both these games regularly, then tweaking these settings repeatedly would hinder your performance.

Using Online Sensitivity Converters

online sensitivity converters

If you are someone who just wishes to take the help of the internet for locating perfect sensitivity settings, use online sensitivity in CS GO to valorant sens to convertors built particularly for this purpose. 

These converters help you take sensitivity from one game and optimize it for another game. These sites do all the work while you just need to enter the accurate values belonging to the game, which you want to copy the settings. 

Below we have provided a list of the top 5 mouse sensitivity converters you can use to enhance your gaming experiencein CS GO to valorant sens. 

Top 5 Mouse Sensitivity Converters

Mouse Sensitivity Converters

1. Aiming Pro

Let us begin our journey by introducing you to Aiming Pro. It is a professional aim training application that allows you to tweak the mouse sensitivity settings according to the game you wish to play. 

The converter comprises two modes.

  • The basic mode allows you to enter the data from the game you want to replicate the settings from, while the advanced mode would show you cm per 360-degree movement or inches per 360 degree, which helps in planning mouse pad space. 
  • Another advantage is that Aiming Pro is free to use. You will not have to worry about spending extra cash or premium for tweaking mouse sensitivity settings for other games. Furthermore, it also allows you to perfect your aim to improve accuracy in shooting FPS games.

2. jscalc.io

jscalc.io is another mouse sensitivity converter that allows you to copy sensitivity settings from CS GO to valorant sens or any other game and convert it to Valorant or any game you wish to play. 

The user needs to enter the values belonging to the game from which he wants to copy the settings. Once you enter the settings, the application converts the values regarding the game you wish to play.

Once it displays the last result, you can copy these settings and implement them in your game to ensure a smoother and quicker response rate. 

The interface is simple to use and should not cause any trouble while working with it. 

3. Omnicalculator.com

This e-DPi calculator allows you to tweak your mouse sensitivity settings to ensure you have no problem switching between various games simultaneously.

If you wish to change settings excluding Dpi, then the application provides the feature of changing sensitivity settings without raising DPi to higher levels. 

To guarantee precision aim and spraying techniques, most gamers prefer to keep low sensitivity settings in CS GO to valorant sens. On the other hand, Valorant adopts a slower approach than CS GO to valorant sens, and therefore, several changes need to be made to ensure maximum performance. 

We can make this change through Omni calculator, which is also a free application available online.

4. Blix. gg

Blix. gg is one of the best websites for converting mouse sensitivity settings. It also allows you to test the settings with the help of a built-in training game. 

To convert settings from CS GO to valorant sens, Choose CS Go to valorant sens in FROM GAME category and select Valorant in the TO Game Category.

You will automatically see the last results, which you can copy into valorant and start your new gaming journey. The website is simple, fast, and easy to use, which makes it one of the best mouse sensitivity convertors applications on our list.

5. 3daimtrainer.com

If you are into hardcore FPS shooter games, there are high chances that you must have heard about our last application. 3d Aim Trainer is one of the best tools when it comes to converting sensitivity settings.

It offers some unique features which are not available with other mouse sensitivity converter tools. It provides you 15 different modes according to your requirement, along with training levels that will help you in finding the perfect settings. 

Some modes are Zombie Survival, Bounce Ball, and many more. Each training mode caters to different needs, depending on the individual preference.


How do you convert sensitivities?

Converting sensitivities can be done with the help of two methods. These two methods are manual and use third-party online mouse sensitivity converter tools. If you want to give a personalized touch to the settings, we suggest you go with the manual method.

On the other hand, if you are not aware of your sensitivity settings, you can take the help of mouse converter tools to convert and transfer your sensitivity settings from one game to another.

How do you calculate DPI and sensitivity?

To calculate the mouse DPI, visit any DPI analyzer website and follow the below-mentioned process. You can calculate your DPI by holding the left mouse button and dragging it two to three inches. Once you do that, a number will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Repeat the process and calculate the average, which will showcase your DPI. 

To calculate mouse sensitivity settings you can take help with any of the mouse sensitivity convertors we discussed earlier. It is also vital to state that your ideal settings would depend on your individual preference. Your mouse sensitivity is determined by thorough experimentation. You can also base your sensitivity settings based on other players’ configurations. To calculate the sensitivity, navigate to the in-game settings. 

Is higher DPI better for FPS? 

A higher DPi ensures higher speed while compromising with precision. Most players playing on a competitive level do not prefer higher DPI, as they intend to aim for precision and accuracy. However, a higher DPI would enable you to be quicker and provide a better FPS experience at the cost of precision. 

Is high or low mouse sensitivity better?

Lower dpi is better for games where you don’t need to move around very often. This helps them to be precise and accurate in their aiming ability.

If the game demands speed, you should go with higher mouse sensitivity settings, which will allow you to be more responsive, allowing you to get the advantage in the game. There is no such thing as the perfect sensitivity settings for every game. You would have to tweak the sensitivity depending upon the demand of the game. 

How do I know if my sensitivity is too low?

Low sensitivity is referred to as the lazy aim or lazy movement. If you witness any of the below-mentioned issues, there are high chances that your sensitivity is too low for the gaming standards.

  • If you are hoping to follow a moving target but fail to do so, your settings might be too low. 
  • If in frontal view, you lift your mouse to aim at your opponents. 

You would not be able to perform movements as fast as players who have high-sensitivity settings. On the other hand, you will be more precise in your shooting. So choose wisely.

We hope you like the article. Keep Clashing.

By converting CSGO to Valorant sens with this method, players won’t feel any difference in mouse movement whenever they play each game.


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