We all love playing reality in virtuality, don’t we?

Whether shooting games, battle games, or just adventure ones, a good VR game is all, we need to escape reality and start living the world of our dreams. If you came here looking for the best VR games to play with your new toys, you are in the right place!

There is also a possibility that you might have even purchased a new VR headset recently and are looking for games to justify your experience. With numerous options available, picking the best match for yourself sometimes becomes challenging.

We’ve compiled a selection of the best virtual reality experiences we recommend below. We made an effort to include best VR games to play that would be suitable for a variety of preferences, budgets, and skill levels. You’ll also find titles on a wide range of platforms. Let us dive in!

Games List

Instead of covering all genres in VFX, today, we only decided to focus on shooting games. Therefore, below are our 10 best VR games to play. These games are mostly FPS and suitable for both professionals and beginners:

– Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx- Best VR Games to Play

Valve has returned to the half-series with the new addition, Half-Life: Alyx. In this world, you get engaged in an impossible fight with the aliens, and the story seems to be a combination of Half-Life and Half-Life 2. You play as Alyx Vance, and you are the last hope of survival for the humans.

You and your father, Eli Vance, are the founders of a fledgling resistance, and you both continue with your in-depth research to prepare for the fight against evil. With Half-Life: Alyx, you will experience everything you would love to do in a virtual world. And the environmental interaction, puzzle solving, combat, and virtual world exploration will even make you fall in love with the game a little more. That the reason we putted this at the top of list of best VR games to play.

You also need to prepare for the worst. To make an impossible shot, lean to shoot around a crumbling wall and under a barnacle. Look through shelves to locate some shotgun ammunition and a healing syringe. Like this, there are various things to explore.

– Contractors

Contractors-Best VR Games to Play

Most VR games, especially VR, follow cliche patterns and base stories. However, there is something different about Contractors which keeps this game in a unique position. This is a military-themed the best VR games to play as a shooter with co-op segments, solo missions, and multiplayer offerings.

If you are a beginner, you would love how smooth your gameplay feels while playing Contractors on Quest 2. Your character also can customize almost all aspects of the UI. With the push-to-talk mic, you get a smart communication option with your teammates.

The Contractors is more than just a basic design of a shooting game. The game has a few unique characters, each showing you the world from a different perspective. Innovative, natural game design features include playing basketball. At the same time, you wait to respawn in the zombie survivor mode and have an open practice area where anyone can easily wander in and chat.

If you live on an extraordinary shooting venture, Contractors is the one you must check out!


PAVLOV- VR Shooter

In 2017, the VR shooters got a blessing in disguise from the Vankrupt games. That blessing was Pavlov. Even though this game was released in 2017, players started appreciating the game run in 2018. Pavlov is an alternative to Counter-Strike, and the graphics and the intuitive controls are to die for.

Many players have claimed that Pavlov is one of the best multiplayer shooter games they have played on any VR platform. The primary focus of the game developers was a fast-paced virtual world, numerous game modes, and precision gameplay. And with the game environment, you would realize the developers are successful in their aspirations.

Pavlov relies on an in-game ranking system and matchmaking. Explore various levels, including a school, an airport, and a shopping mall. In contrast to previous VR shooting games that are many famous as a best VR game to play, Pavlov employs motion controllers as hands rather than forcing you constantly to wield a gun. You take weapons out of your rucksack or off of tables in Pavlov.

Pavlov is a must-try option when it comes to exploring real-world VR!

– Onward

Onward-Best VR Game To Play

Onward, you experience an FPS that you have never experienced before. Onward is a military simulation game on the Oculus Quest platform from 2020. The game comprises various weapons, including grenades, firearms, equipment, and attachments. You get an option to be a part of two teams: MARSOC (attacker) and VOLK (defending.)

Onward has solo and co-op game modes, in which you can take on your AI enemies. Learn about the many different weapons, each of which is distinct and requires knowledge to use by exploring the maps at your leisure or visiting the shooting range.

Up to 10 players could be a part of the same battle, and using your skills, you could discard your enemies on the way. This game deals with enemies, and the given set of weapons makes it more accessible. For different teams like MARSOC and VOLK, the weapons choices are different.

If you are in for an ultimate battle and only take a win for an answer, you must start testing your fighting tactics today on Onward!

– Robo Recall

ROBO Recall- Best VR Games to play

Next up, we have Robo Recall, and it’s an excellent choice in the FPS family developed by Epic games. Like most VR shooting games on the list, Robo Recall is also designed for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest.

In the game, you are in control of Agent 34, a worker for the renowned service robot manufacturer RoboReady. As you play the recaller, your work is to identify the defective robots from the pile. But due to a virus, the robots start rebelling against their human enslavers, and it is your responsibility to find the root cause source.

Robo Recall keeps you engaged throughout the lats. The excellent visual graphics and a unique storyline make you part of the affected robot world as soon as you start playing. This I personally recommend to play that is one of the best VR games to play the RObO Recall.

– Farpoint

Farpoint-Best VR Games To play

Another appreciating addition to the best VR games to play in gaming world is Farpoint. This one is one of the most innovative and primitive FPS games online! This science fiction tale transports you to an alien world and provides a cutting-edge accessory to ward off space bugs.

Fairpoint’s visual graphics might seem dated if you have tried various FPS games in the past. However, the storyline puts its status in a better position. Your task might seem relevant and straightforward until you find out the monsters are of the statue of liberty’s size!

After seeing the storyline, you will understand precisely what you must deal with in the game. However, if it seems too long for you, you can skip ahead of the story to access the gameplay directly. Although clich├ęd, Fairpoint has some charming moments, and the action picks up at the end of the campaign.

– Hyperdash

Hyper Dash-Best VR Games To Play

If you are a fan of speed, you would love Hyperdash! Usually, in FPS games, we get an option to choose from different movements. However, Hyperdash is designed on a hybrid system base where you get to mix and match both movement styles, resulting in dash movement.

As the name suggests, you will be required to do a lot of dashing in Hyperdash. In terms of content, Hyperdash offers an unreal VR gaming experience, but the only condition to play online. This game is an exception because, in contrast to most VR shooters, where you feel as though your feet are firmly planted, this one feel liberated. Hyper Dash is the remedy if you are sick of playing popular battle royale games like Population: One!

– Population One

Population One-Best VR Games to Plays

Speak of the devil, and the devil appears! Population One is a battle royale game and is currently one of the most playable VR FPS games. Fight anywhere in this virtual world, where every movement you take results in a different result.

If you can build a structure in the game, that means you can climb it. The map is fully immersive, and you have the freedom to explore every inch of it. To take the high ground advantage, you can climb those tall structures.

Another thing people love about Population One is that your friends can also join you to make decisive combat and fight against evil. Play with your buddies in three-person teams; you can also do a high five after a successful play. To add new pals quickly, making a fist bump is the way to do it.  The action never stops with ongoing in-game activities and new content to discover.

If you haven’t enjoyed Population One yet, now is the best time!

– After the Fall

After The Fall-Best VR Games To play

Do you wish to know what happens after a tragic fall? After the Fall is the game to check out today! After an apocalypse, decades have passed, and one shining Los Angeles is just an ash ground now.

You pick up arms as a fresh Harvest Runner, beginning in an underground camp with as many as 32 additional player survivors. Your only life mission is to step forth above ground to extend the Line’s reach into the metropolis and provide the fuel for humankind’s continued existence.

After the Fall is a great visual representation of what a world after an apocalypse would look like!

– Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic- best VR Games to play

Deep Rock Galactic is one of the best FPS games to play and has maintained a top position since its launch in 2020. This game allows up to pair building of 4 players, where the mission is to explore dangerous caverns in pursuit of valuable minerals while fending off legions of alien bugs.

Sounds easy? But, it won’t feel like it once you start playing the game. You will witness lots of movements in DRG, but the developers have not done much to deal with the discomfort. So, throughout the game, your life is on edge because no one likes to be nauseous in a cave full of aliens running to kill you!

We sincerely hope that future updates will do something about this inconvenience. The distribution of VR-focused content and balancing adjustments to players via the current modding system should be relatively simple to experiment with.

Upcoming Games

Now, as you know the best VR game to try in 2022; now, it is time to get a little idea of some upcoming VR games that you might find of your interest:

– Vertigo 2

FPS players would be happy to know that the Zulubo productions are finally heading towards the final development phase of Vertigo 2. One of the most exciting things about the game is that the entire game is playable from beginning to end.

Over the past year, you must have seen some exciting teasers of Vertigo 2. Even the storyline seems impressive. You will encounter strange, extra-terrestrial plants and animals as you make your way to the reactor’s core, as well as lethal android security personnel whose purpose is to destroy life from the reactor.

As evil agents lurk out of view, try to decide who to believe!

– Bonelab

Even though you are sentenced to death, you can still escape the thick walls with a proper plan. All you have to do is to discover a pathway to a secret research facility. But escaping this world would not be easy, as a series of threats and experiments await you.

The game buzz is pretty strong, and the freedom to be anyone you want gives an additional plus point to the game. Thanks to custom avatar import, you can go through the game with any appearance you choose and the physical stats to go with it.

The launch date for Bonelab has not been specified. However, it is scheduled for 2022 on Quest 2 and PC VR.

– Ghost Buster

Even though the term ‘Ghost Buster’ is a temporary name given to this game, you can expect a lot of adventure with this one. A brief teaser clip for the new game was unveiled at Meta Quest Gaming event.

The game’s cartoonish art style, which has been prevalent in a number of the more recent games based on the legendary IP, is still evident in the trailer, which was produced in-engine with no actual gameplay demonstrated.

By using recognizable equipment, you may track, shoot, and capture ghosts in exciting encounters. Maintain the heritage of the Ghostbusters, defend the city against evil ghosts, and take in all the laughter and chills of the cherished series. There would be a lot to explore in this ghost land!


There is a thin line between reality and virtuality, and VR games are the answer to that! Almost all the games we mentioned in this article allow free movement. That means you have the freedom to go anywhere, climb any structure you wish, and go for any target you like.

Shooting games in VR makes us feel like we are living the reality in the game. Some picks, such as Contractors and Population One, are the ultimate choices when wanting to explore every inch of the immersive map. If you have not tried these excellent VR games, this article is your cue to do that.

Also, wait a few more months to enjoy the new additions such as Vertigo 2 and Bonelab. We assure you; they won’t be disappointing! 




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