Is your Steelrising game as effective as you think?

Even if it is, the probability of getting the best weapon tiers is significantly less because of the immersive map. The good news is that you are in luck today because we found the best Steelrising weapons tier list!

Steelrising is an RPG game that is slowly making its way through. The game has an intricate design that allows people to explore different corners of the world. You are also in charge of choosing the best weapons. A few hours after starting the gameplay, a plethora of weapon choices fall in front of you!

Steelrising gives full freedom to the players, including their character creation and picking up the correct modules. This game is one of the most seamless and engaging games out there. However, to survive, you must know about the strengths and weaknesses of the essential things: Weapons! 

Because choosing the wrong option in any situation always leads to a tragic death! Below is the best Steelrising weapons tier list you can always rely on!

All weapons types in Steelrising

First off, these 8 different weapon types are the most crucial aspect to know about. They fall in short-range and long-range combat and are designed according to their combat style. It is your decision on how to fight the enemies in the game, and choose the weapon type accordingly. This all weapons are include in top 10 best steelrising weapons tier list Character.


Tonfas are the choice of alchemists. Tonfas usually have an alchemical affliction like frost, flame, or fulmination and scale with Elemental Alchemy.


With wheels, you get much mobilization and swing slower than maces. But their impact is much more substantial and deals a lot of damage by smashing the opponents. In Power builds, wheels are an option, much like a mace.

Dual Swords

Dual swords have a powerful impact on the enemies with an instant hit, but they deal medium damage. Additionally, they have a mid-range immobilization skill and a solid impact that deals good damage all around.


Maces are the perfect option for the bodyguard class. As these weapons are heavy, their mobilization is low but deals with extensive damage. One must also make a note of the fact that even being equal in weight, maces have more mobilization than wheels.


Chains are one of the handiest weapons that offer mid-range combat, which can be scaled for further damage. Chains are heavy compared to high, which results in low mobilization but causes medium to heavy damage to the enemies.


Halberds are one of the first choices of the Soldier class. Halberds are a vital weapon to target individual targets and give them the runaway order to stay far away, thanks to their enormous damage potential, medium weight, and comprehensive coverage.


For swift and effective short-range attacks, Claws make an excellent companion. But as they have low mobilization, resulting in infliction of the overall damage. However, for Agility Build, Claws make a considerable impact.


Another great choice for short-range attacks is Fans. As they are light in weight, they cause moderate damage to the opponents. They are the first preference of the Dancer Class. Fans are helpful in continual critical strikes due to their capacity to immobilize targets.

Best tier weapons

Following is the list of best Steelrising weapons tier list that suits well in almost all circumstances:

– Charybdis Fans

Charybdis Fans-Best steelrising weapons

The dancer class prioritizes The Charybdis Fans. This dancer class weapon starts with exemplary physical damage and impact and has strong mobilization attributes. Dancers will benefit significantly from its strong affinity and agility. This weapon’s special move, Blaze Storm, is what breaks it.

This move deals with a multi-hit swordsman strike that has the power to immobilize foes. It is a swift special attack that may quickly immobilize foes. Use the special move repeatedly to stun lock foes and even bosses.

– Thousand-cut Claws

Thousand-cut Claws-Best steelrising weapons

Now we will focus on the Thousand cut claws, the best choice for dancers who love agility builds. This weapon has the same thing as any other weapon. First, it has a light attack, a quick swipe of the arm.

Then you get a heavy attack, a nice little barrage that the character does with their legs, so they hit two people. Then you have the super attack, which looks like a twirling super hitting the closet, resulting in 7-8 consecutive hits. Additionally, you also get a jump attack that does a quick swipe.

Where to find Thousand-cut Claws?

Use the compass to navigate the quest’s steps during Nicolas Flamel’s Final Journey Quest, then use the grappling hook to go to the Quartier du Lourve.

Go directly to the sewers by going to the Rue Saint-Honore. Go through the other side of the sewers until you arrive at Saint-Eustache Workshop, where the chest is located.

– Nemesis Claws

Nemesis Claws-Best steelrising weapons

The Nemesis Claw is among your most effective options in the game due to its high damage output and unrestricted agility. These abilities are enhanced by another addition called counterattack. They overwhelm your opponents with a barrage of unending punches that leave them paralyzed and do tremendous damage.

Furthermore, you can also protect yourself by using a counterattack when your enemies try to harm you. By turning the enemy’s attacks on themselves, you stay engaged in an endless barrage with them. The Nemesis claws provide the ideal balance of Defense, Mobility, and Damage. They are also the ideal option for those who enjoy action-packed conflicts.

Where to find the Nemesis Claws?

Head deeper into the woods until you find the Lantern from where you obtained the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket. From the Golden Gate, turn right and go up to the building site. There will be a chest there.

– Fire Chain

Fire Chain- Best steelrising weapons

Next, you get the Fire Chain. And as the name suggests, you get a chain lit with fire that deals with moderate damage. This one is a medium-range weapon but is not as effective as a frosted chain. Fire Chain keeps your enemies at a distance and deals significant damage.

If you realize that the hit is insufficient to finish your opponents, you can use ‘Invocation of Fire.’ It ignites your chain, causing fire damage and burning the enemy with each strike. Additionally, most foes cannot withstand the combo of solid base damage and burn damage per second.

Where to Find the Fire Chain?

Walk upward to the cemetery from Les Invalides, where the first vestal is located. You will see a chest near the deserted market on the other side of the exit.

– Charleville 1789 Shield Musket

Charleville 1789 Shield Musket-Best steelrising weapons

This one is proved to be one of the most potent elemental weapons in the game. With this option, you get three elemental attacks: Frost, Lightning and Fire. And when it comes to intense fights, Fross is the best attack on the list.

With just a few shots, this frost musket may instantly paralyze your opponents by spraying them with frost. This allows you to use your second weapon to deal tremendous damage by freezing the opponent. Additionally, this weapon’s shield of protection guards you against strikes from foes.

Where to find Charleville 1789 Musket?

Head to the damaged fence and climb on the log after leaving the second Vestal in the Saint-Cloud area. Within it, you will get your chest with freight surrounding it.

– Falchion and Sabre

Falchion and Sabre-Best steelrising weapons

Falchion and Sabre are swords, but as they are twins, they always like to stay with each other and deal severe damage to their opponents. They not only keep the enemies immobilized but also offer an excellent mobility rate.

The dual sabres can also launch an attack similar to a tornado that spins you around and deals AOE damage to all foes. When a clan of enemies attacks you from nowhere, Falchion and Sabre: The Twins; protect you from the worst.

Where to get Fachion and Sabre?

From Saint-Third Cloud’s Vestal, proceed downhill to the abandoned home. The stable area has a chest that you can view. And the chest is the one holding this ultimate guide!

– Volley Mallet

This mallet is equipped with guns on its head, making its structure a little bizarre but, at the same time, enticing to look at. Even though this weapon is mighty, its slow speed might become an issue for you. This weapons are the 10 best steelrising weapons tier list that definitely help you.

However, this one is one of the best options that fit well with power and a strong build. But you won’t get many moves with this weapon except its famous ability, ‘Volley of Gunfire.’ This extraordinary ability uses the guns given on the head of the mallet, resulting in moderate damage. This weapon also immobilizes your enemies with the presence of AOE attacks.

Where to get the Volley Mallet?

Go inside the Palais de Justice from the area where the Third Vestal is in La Cite. There is a chest on the balcony, so scramble up there. And there you are! You have Volley Mallet right in your hands!

– Frosted Fans

Frosted Fans-best steelrising weapons

Like the ‘Charleville 1789 Shield Musket,’ this weapon also uses the frost element. As we already mentioned, frost is one of the most powerful elements to get in the game; you get better results when used with unique options such as muskets.

The Frosted Fans are also exclusively used by Alchemists because they scale off Alchemy and Agility. This weapon might not be the best choice in the initial phase, but it comes in handy once you get a grip on it. Additionally, the “Invocation of Ice” special move imbues the fans with Frost. This enables the player to attack the adversaries with heavy Frost damage.

Where to get the Frosted Fans?

This weapon will be accessible at the Boutique store for just 1500 anima once the Les Invalides has been unlocked. Even though you require patience to get this weapon, its effectiveness is worth all the hard work!

– La Perouse Wheel

La Perouse Wheel-best steelrising weapons

Another shorter-range weapon is the La Perouse Wheel. However, it deals more physical damage and has an enormous impact than the Wheel of Time. The Triple attack, which employs a quick series of attacks for profound effect and physical damage hits, is its signature move. The Triple attack is made up of several quick attacks that are intended to deal with high-impact physical damage.

This is one of the most effective weapons on the list. Even though you get a short-range, it hits precisely; your enemies are knocked down then and there.

Where to find the La Perouse Wheel?

This weapon is accessible in the Boutique store following the opening of the Tuileries. It is available for buy in the store for 155 animas.

– Lady Macbeth Fans

These fans are in the form of wings that, even short-range, deal significant damage to the opponents. Lady Macbeth’s fans are most effective with jump attacks. The immobility effect of this weapon leaves your opponent stunned for a few seconds.

The Lady Macbeth Fans, which effectively take the place of the Armored Fans, are an option for your primary fan. It will have a physical base damage of 75, an A scaling Agility Affinity, and an E scaling Power Affinity. Additionally, the weapon’s weight is medium, making it simple to operate.

Where to find the Lady Macbeth Fans?

Use the compass to navigate the mission’s steps to the Louvre Apartments, where you can find the Reserve during the Laterns of the Dead quest. There’s a chest inside the space where you will get the weapon you are looking for!


There are tons of Steelrising weapons in the game, and it is not easy to determine the best options for you. Also, even when you know which weapon to use, sometimes it gets challenging to find their location. That is why, with some information about each weapon, we also elaborated on their location, making it easy for you to find them.

When playing Steelrising and want to find the best steelrising weapons, remember that every weapon has a different effect on the enemies; you get short-range, medium-range and long-range attacks. Sometimes, short-range attacks are strong, and long-range attacks fail to knock down the foes. That is why you must be clever to pick the best weapon according to the situation.

After reading this article, we hope you have set the gameplay pattern in your mind. Go and get your enemies with the best Steelrising Weapons tier!


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