What do you like the most about GTA 5?

Most people say the best thing that attracts them is the ability to do anything in the open world! You are the boss of your life, and you can steal, earn, or loot whenever you want to raise your living standards.

This free world game mechanism was renowned for various purposes, and kids in the 90′ would know about the rush while playing the game. However, there is always one thing that made GTA 5’s popularity less: its unavailability on Android and iOS. GTA 5 was always available to play on MAC and Windows, and we noticed that players always look for GTA 5 alternatives that are playable games like GTA for Android and iOS. So, it is the high time players get what they want!

So, below are the best 12 picks, similar to GTA 5, that any smartphone user can enjoy anytime, anywhere!

Similar games to GTA

Below are some open-world games that have a similar mechanism to GTA 5 but are compatible with all Android and iOS devices:

– Gangs town story

Gangs town story- Games Like GTA For Android and IOS

Firstly, we have Gangs Town Story on your list. Games like GTA for Android and ios, this one is also an open-world game. You must control a criminal here who has just started his underworld journey. But to become the city’s true king, he must fight various obstacles along the way.

The control system of Gangs Town Story is well adapted to touch screens, and one can enjoy the game with much ease. However, Gangs Town Story has its original characters and story, so the relevance to GTA Saga is limited. In addition to that, your character in Gangs Town Story also starts from scratch with no weapons, money, or vehicle, similar to the Game like GTA.

As you move ahead in the game, you are introduced to new characters and numerous earning ways. But to keep moving up the criminal ladder, you must maintain your reputation by completing the missions.

– Vice online

Vice Online-Games Like GTA For Android

Next up is Vice Online, which is an excellent alternative to GTA 5. The high-quality visuals and sound system attract you the most to the game. Furthermore, elaborating on the characters and the female models will help the female players relate to the project.

In Vice online, you can be whoever you want, such as a cab driver, truck driver, or simply a looter. No matter what you choose, you must keep completing the missions to earn money and tackle all the foes coming your way.

However, this is a multiplayer game, so your life is always on edge. Making allies won’t help you here because you will never know who will defy you the next second. The best part? You may participate in the drift cases and PVP to spice up the game and earn some extra money on your way.

– Los Angeles Crime

Los Angeles Crime-Games Like GTA For Android and IOS

Next is Los Angeles Crimes, which is similar yet different from GTA 5. You get a big city to explore, and the weapons and vehicles are entirely new and do not relate to GTA 5 in many ways.

The game size is only 350 MB. So, you can easily download the game without worrying about storage or RAM issues. You will witness various maps that you are free to explore, only if you are ready to risk your life in the mission. Furthermore, the graphics are very smooth, and you would hardly notice lags in your gameplay.

There are also various online modes, including the zombie, and you can play an online track for yourself when you are in the mood to explore new grounds. Furthermore, you can play the game on low and high devices as well.

– Gangster Crime

Gangster Crime - Games Like GTA For Android and IOS

Gangster Crime is another pick you will love because you have all the freedom in this world to do anything or fight anyone you want. The developers keep introducing new features to the game, so the open-world mechanism never gets monotonous for anyone.

In addition to that, the wide variety of weapons, tasks, transportation, and situations will always keep you engaged at the game pace. The features of Gangster crime also ensure that the players do not get bored while exploring the grounds and completing their tasks. Even though it is an Android/iOS-supported game, the graphics seem too real for the small screen.

– Police SIM 22

Police SIM 22- in GTA 5

In the GTA series, you are a criminal and earn money through illegal activities. But as the name suggests, Police Sim 2’s character is a police officer whose duty is to keep the citizens safe from dangerous goons.

If you are a driving simulation game, you would absolutely love the drive around the city in your police car. You can also unlock new and faster vehicles, but you are required to complete missions for that. Unlike GTA, you do not run from the police; you have to go after the criminals.

You make your way from one end to another, and the journey is full of surprises, a variety of vehicles, and tons of dangerous obstacles.

– Grand Criminal Online

Grand Criminal Online - Games Like GTA For Android and IOS

This one is an action-adventure game, and the GTA Saga inspires many features. When you look at the game’s visuals, you will notice that even the tiniest graphic detail is very well thought out, which is why this game is in so much demand by Android and iOS users.

In this game, you are the initiator of every chaos, which depends on your fighting skills, getting rid of the threat, and completing the tasks in the given time. After you design your character’s look, you are ready to fight the foes in your way.

The multitude of challenges and the extensive map will grab your attention the most and will not let the game become monotonous. Just keep shooting the enemies and avoid getting hunted by the police, and you are good to become the Grand Criminal.

– GTA Trilogy

GTA Trilogy-Games Like GTA For Android and IOS

GTA vice city and San Andreas are available to play online, and both of these games are very well optimized and comprise all the features to enhance your gameplay. The mechanism of GTA Trilogy is similar to that compatible with your PC, and even a kid knows what to do in GTA 5 when they start playing.

The storyline is very intense, and there are always a significant amount of vehicles available to enjoy without spending a buck. In this open world, you are the ruler and make your choices. Just keep in mind and do not get caught by the police, or you will have to spend the night in jail.

Even with the remastered version of the trilogy, which was not similar to the previous ones, the developers keep bringing significant updates to the game to give a honey feeling to the GTA trilogy.

– Gangster New Orleans

Gangster New Orleans

This game is based in New Orleans city and is the 8th part of the gangster series. This is an open-world action game, and any GTA 5 lover would find this very interesting. The game story starts with news where you will be told that the five biggest New Orleans Crime lords were arrested in a raid.

In the game, you work for an upcoming gangster and complete the mission as told. Loads of adventures with tons of weapons/cars can be enjoyed throughout the journey. But you must be cautious to survive in this criminal world because your life is always on edge due to the police’s increasing scrutiny. But to solidify your journey, you will also need to take the help of different other characters.

Gangster New Orleans often comes with surprises, and not even the gameplay would feel monotonous. The game only requires 800 MB, which is way less compared to Gangster Vegas. Also, there are no reports of lagging issues from Android or iOS users.

– Madout 2 big City Online

If you have a smartphone lower than 6 GB, it is better to skip this section altogether. To play Madout 2 City seamlessly, you require at least 6 GB or more RAM to get started on your mission. To enjoy the game graphics, you need to play the game on ultra because there is nothing to catch in low mode.

In this city, you will again get an open world where you are a master of your choices and explore any ground you want. While playing this game, you will not get a similar feeling to GTA 5, except for the fact that it is also an open-world city and there are gangsters.

To enjoy the game, you must keep completing the missions using weapons and many vehicles! Beginners must try Madout 2 City because the game size is only 500 MB, and loads of fun and adventures await you.

– Gangster Vegas

Gangster Vegas is similar to GTA 5 in various aspects. The theme relates to GTA 5, where you are a criminal and need to complete tasks to earn money. But there are also numerous differences, starting from the city and the vehicle type. In Gangster Vegas, you are in a completely new city, and you get to explore unique vehicles and weapons.

There is an extensive city to explore and numerous missions to complete! You get to buy weapons and vehicles and unlock different characters in Gangster Vegas; it is entirely in your hands how you want to live your life. You may also explore futuristic vehicles and weapons unavailable on GTA 5. However, the good graphics come at a cost, and the game requires almost 2.5 GB of space, which is a bit of an Android or iOS game.

– Mission Berlin

Mission Berlin- new in GTA

You will love the graphics quality of Mission Berlin! This one is an open-world offline game you can enjoy anywhere, even with an inconsistent internet connection. Mission Berlin only requires 60 MB storage of your smartphone and is operational on even 2MB RAM.

You can select from two agents, including USA and Russia, and complete your missions accordingly. You need to keep meeting the small tasks to proceed further. When you begin playing Mission Berlin, you will get the same feeling as GTA 5. The game works smoothly on both low and high-end devices, and the different adventures will keep you engaged throughout your Berlin journey.

As this game does not require much space in your storage, do not expect the city to be as big as you get in GTA 5. However, as this is an open-world game, you are free to explore even its last inch.

– Bully Anniversary Edition

The Bully Anniversary edition is again an open-world game. The remastered version of Bully Anniversary was released officially in 2016. In this game, your character is a 15-year-old kid frustrated because his mom left him to rot in an academy. Your character is a troublemaker and has often been scolded by the authorities.

Your character gets approached by different groups in the school, including bullies, nerds, preppies, and jocks. You must keep your life on the edge to survive in the Bully Anniversary edition.

Your character, Jimmy, is free to make his own choices in this open world. But the coming tasks depend on your way of approaching things. The Bully Anniversary edition is available to download for free for Android and iOS users. And so far, smartphone users love this gameplay!


GTA 5 has its own fan base. You must remember the extended hours of games playing from your computer screen while playing GTA. If you wish to relive those moments and are interested in playing games like GTA 5, you can pick any option from the above-mentioned list.

However, remember that some games from the list require a consistent internet connection, and some do not. So, if you are a fan of offline games, you can try games such as Mission Berlin.

No matter which game you pick, they are directly or indirectly connected to GTA gameplay. Some might have different themes or cities, but the base will always be the same. The only thing you are required to do is visit your Android/iOS store, download the games, and enjoy it on your pocket device without additional charges!




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