Did you check out the new addition in the battle royale game zone, Rumbleverse? We present ultimate guide Rumbleverse Perks.

If yes, you would already know there are loads of perks and skills to utilize in the game. But the sad part about this is that you have NO CONTROL over any perk.

Each character on Rumbleverse is unique, but one thing common in them is the ability to equip skills and perks. However, before using any skill or perk, you must know about them to use it for the right opportunity.

Therefore, we present this ultimate guide to RumbleVerse Perks that will help you along the way. Let us commence!

Perks and it’s Working in Match

Like any other game, perks in Rumbleverse work the same way. They are nothing but an achievement of a player that they get randomly. Any player does not have control over any perk, so they must know about each for better gameplay, So try an ultimate guide Rumbleverse perks.

To get perks in the game, you have to damage other players on the way. There are 15 perks in the game, from which you get ten random perks in each match. To get the advantage, you are only required to damage the opponents. However, if that match results in K/O by your end, you also get 200 extra points added to your next perk.

Unlike any other game, you cannot select the perks at the commencement of the game because they are randomly equipped. Also, whichever perk you get in the starting remains with you until the end of the game.

If a beginner gets the right perks, it can suddenly become difficult to fight even the professionals. So, getting the right perks in Rumbleverse depends more on your luck than your ability. But to get going in the game, you have to use your perks in a way you get the maximum advantage.

Each Perks Explained

The perks are categorized into three sections, stamina, attack, and healing. How these types are different from each other is mentioned in the following points:


Stamina perk In Rumbleverse - Ultimate Guide

When you have the stamina perk, perks like runner and rabbit foot jumps in the category. As the name suggests, stamina perks increase our character’s endurance against attacks.

When using these perks, the dashing costs 40% less stamina. Currently, dashing is one of the quickest ways to get around the game, so its lower cost is a general advantage. For instance, these perks are all about when you are in the middle of the game and can escape quickly without much stamina.


Attack perk in Rumbleverse- Ultimate Guide

The attack perk intensifies each shot taken against your enemy. Most of the attack perks in the game are related to damage in one way or another, but some perks like sadistic also have healing properties.

Also, one perk that combines all stamina, attack, and healing is the satisfaction perk that falls in the attack category. When you require any incentive to knock other players out, this perk gives all the advantages of the three types.

The attack perks are the best when dealing with an enemy. When you fight an opponent, the attack perk doubles the effects, resulting in assured K/0.


Healing perk in Rumbleverse- Ultimate Guide

As the name suggests, healing perk heal your characters during and after a fight. You will most likely get better after receiving intense punches when you have healing perks.

In this category, the best perk you could get is meditative. Most people believe the most pleasing Perk of the Rumbleverse is meditative. Players can meditate to restore health thanks to the healing perk Meditative gradually.

A player’s health will start regenerating at a rate of 25 points per second after a few seconds of stillness and meditation.

Different Perks in Game

Now, it is time to learn about all the perks a little better. There are 15 perks in Rumbleverse, from which your character is assigned ten perks at random. Given below is a detailed explanation of each of the Rumbleverse perks:

– Aerodynamic

Aerodynamic Perks-Ulimate Guide Rumbleverse Perks

First, we have the aerodynamic perk in the attack buff category. This perk deals with bigger explosions from lower altitude elbows. This one is a well-known elbow strike that leaves your opponents with significant damage and a massive explosion.  

Without the perk, the elbow moves do 50-80 damage. With the perk, the action does up to 100 damage. So, you can see that the damage increases by 25% when you use the move with the perk. However, there is no increase in the explosion rate with or without the perk. Also, the near-miss elbow does not result in increased damage with perk.

– Ballistic

Ballistic Perks - ultimate Guide Rumblevesre

With this, you have performed a ballistic blow after landing a dropkick. This perk Rumblevesre belongs to the attack category. Without the perk, the dropkick does 100 damage, and with the perk, the same kick does 160 damage!

You can see an increase of 60% with the ballistic perk. You do not have to press the attack button twice to perform the additional move. The ballistic perk is one of the most effective perks in Rumbleverse.

– Bombastic

Bombastic -Ultimate Guide Rimblevesre

The Hammer Fist Combo Ender potentially results in a significant explosion. This perk is a part of the attack category. The hammer fist combo without the bombastic perk causes 30-40-80 damage. But when you use the same perk, you get the ratio of 40-40-125! There is a damage increase in the combo’s first and last hit. And the entire combo attack results in a 37% more damage boost.

– Brainbuster

Brainbuster - Ultimate Guide Rumbleverse

This perk will boost up the basic vicious attack. Brainbuster is a part of the attack perks. Without the perk, the basic vicious attack does 180 damage, and with the perk, it ends up with 278. That suggests that the basic vicious attack increases the advantage by 54% with this perk. The arrangement of a basic vicious attack with a brainbuster is one of the deadliest combinations in the game.

– Temper

After taking the damage, this perk deals 20% more damage and is a part of the attack perk category. This offensive bonus allows you to harm opponents for a set amount of time. The effect of this perk lasts for 10 seconds and belongs to the family of attacks. The visual impact of the steam coming from the ears indicates that the buff is in motion.

– Weapon master

Depending on your weapon, another offensive perk lets you deal 30% more damage. When you use the weapon attack without this perk, it does 200 damage. And the same weapon attack with the perk will give 260 damage to opponent. If you get weapon mater perk, use the weapons properly to get the most out of this perk. And remember, throwing objects are not affected by this perk as it belongs to the attack grouping.

– Wind fist

Next, we have the Wind fist, and this perk should be used if you wish to make room for Backfist or Getup. The backfist attack without the perk does 75-80 damage, and the same attack does 80-100 damage with the wind fist perk. As the name suggests, this perk is on the attack list. You will notice that this attack covers more ground as the movement effect changes, and you get a damage increase of at least 33%. This one also falls in the attack category.

– Wooooo

Last but not least, we have wooooo in the attack grouping. With the help of this perk, you can strengthen your standard attacks and inflict more damage on your enemies. If you use a basic combo without the perk, it will reward you with nine stars. And if you use the same combo with the perk, you will get 11 starts. Wooooo is one of the best perks to fill the superstar meter. The difference in the reward represents an increase of 22% of stars to fill up the superstar meter.

Furthermore, this perk is classified into three categories: the superstar mode increases your damage attack, stamina, and healing power.

– Meditative

Meditative - Ultimate Guide Rumbleverse

Now, we will talk about the healing perks. When you remain stationary, meditative perk’s regeneration will restore your health (meditation.) After you stand still for less than 3 seconds, your health will start to regain by 25 points.

– Sadistic

When you deal damage, this perk will reward you by healing you. The healing properties of this perk are directly associated with dealing damage to opponents. For instance, if you do 20 damage of 20 to your opponent, you will get healed by 20 in return.

You can use sadistic in intense fights where you are expected to damage or to get damaged. However, it seems to be bugged as every hit will only give you a fixed value of 20 hp. The sadistic is also a part of the healing category.

– Burn

Burm Perks - Ultimate Guide Rumblevser

Once you utilize a Protein Pad, this benefit will speed up the process of regaining your health by 20%. This perk also works even when your stat bar is complete. The fighter will refuse to take the protein pad if you do not have this perk and the stats bar is full. This perk is a part of the healing family.

– Satisfaction

You get satisfied with the satisfaction perk by killing and eliminating the players along the way. You’ll regain energy after eliminating someone, and this perk will quickly restore you. The satisfaction perk gives you a healing regain of 40 HP per second for 15 seconds, and stamina recovers 15 stamina per second for 30 seconds. Talking about stamina, next we have nimble from the stamina family.

– Nimble

Nimble is another benefit that can be utilized to save energy while dodging; its category is stamina. Nimble perk will cost you 50% less stamina while Dodging, and without the perk, your character can dodge six times. However, with the perk, your character can dodge 12 times! Nimble saves 50% of stamina and is an excellent option to elude your enemies or escape with speed.

– Runner

Dashing is essential if your preferred playstyle is speedier. It falls in the stamina category. This benefit will reduce your stamina usage by 40% when performing a dash. Without the perk, you can run for 11 seconds, and with the perk, you can run for 19 seconds, 8 seconds more.

– Rabbit Foot

With this perk, you can preserve 40% of your stamina for each long jump. In the absence of the perk, you can jump for five times. However, you can long jump up to 7 times with the perk!

The rabbit foot also comes in the stamina family, which is useful when escaping from an enemy or running after an enemy.

How to Unlock Perks in Game

How to Unlock Perks in Game

Perks are part of Rumbleverse’s system for rewarding active players. Perks are temporary upgrades that last until the end of the game. You must gain combat experience to unlock perks. You will gain combat experience by dealing with the damage and eliminating opponents. Every damage point is worth 1 point towards your combat experience, and every opponent you eliminate will grant you 200 points.

There are 15 perks in the game, with 10 perks unlocked at random per match. When you reach a new milestone, the XP meter resets to zero. You’ll need 32,500 points to unlock all ten perks.

Because perks are unlocked randomly, the most important thing is to learn what each one does and adapt your gameplay accordingly. You do not have to remember them all on your first day. Continue to look at the map screen, showing you all the perks you’ve unlocked and their benefits.


The Rumbleverse perks are all about taking advantage of the moves. In the gameplay, you get basic, vicious, and special moves that can be combined with these perks to boost their properties.

Even though you do not have control over which perks to choose, you can still understand how each of them works to use appropriately. Rumbleverse is all about fighting the opponents. If the outcome does not deliver the best you have, you will likely get K/0 in the ring.

In Rumbleverse perks, you can either knock down your opponent or get knocked. That is why you use your given perks wisely. This is your cue to use this ultimate guide to Rumbleverse perks to get going in the game!




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